The Darker Side Of Doctor and Drug Companies Relationships

The relationship between doctor and patient is the fulcrum of ethical medical practice. The unnecessary prescriptions of the medicine results in the increase burden on patients and decrease credibility of the doctors. One of my friends has shared a very interesting incidence about his visit to an orthopedic doctor for a knee injury. A very costly pain killer injection was prescribed to him. The poor person could not afford the cost of this injection and therefore, he visit to another doctor who immediately stopped all the medicines and asked to return all to the chemist, because it was not necessary for him.

Another aspect of the unethical medical practice was observed during mega conferences and events. Doctors are of the view that companies are making money and therefore they are pushing them hard towards unethical acts.

A case was reported in which organizers of the event have asked the representatives of the companies that if they want to exhibit their products they must pay check for Rupees 5000, 00 for a small stall. And for accommodation of their sponsored doctors at convention center or in hotels they must pay extra rental for at least three rooms.

There is also no formal system exist that how much fund they gathered during these events and even bribes from companies. It is like money making game where every body is getting the chance to buy new car, house and improve his bank account.

If the company wants to introduce its new product in the ward they must give some amount to the ward in charge approximately Rupees 5000 as a donation to the ward.

It is also seen that doctor reluctant to meet medical representatives and interestingly noted that a doctor ask fee for meeting with medical representative because he believed that the guy has taken his consultation time.

Companies always strive towards inclusion of their products in the hospital formulary (a list of number of selected products needs to be used in the hospital during the entire year).

This is very challenging task because it involves number of people in decision making. And in each step they must be obliged with some kickbacks and other unfair means to include their product in the formulary. Various companies are offering new model car to their important customers. These cars are usually on the lease and a monthly pay back offers to the leasing companies.

It is interesting to note that if the company feels that in a particular month desired sales are not meet, then they immediately stop payment and ask doctor that payment will re-start as soon as your prescription will reach to the desired level so as the sales.

Most of the time doctors keeping attendance register with him to note down date and time of the medical representatives and also the number of months he prescribed certain medications by the influence of the companies.

Not only is that doctor also asked for a payment for delivering presentation on disease management and even for the product.

There is no limit for this temptation towards prescribing the medicine. The question is that how to deal this situation. I am sure that there should be some strict measures and laws against this barbarian act of medical practice.